Friday, December 23, 2011

Boys and toys (and toilets)

While getting the toddler ready for a bath last night, I spun around to find my oldest son standing in front of the toilet, bowl full of pee, pants around his ankles, with two hands clutching an electronic game. He was staring intently at the game with absolutely no inclination to do anything but play.

"Josh," I said. "Watch what you're doing. Don't play games while you're peeing."

"Why?" he asked. "I'm done peeing."

I thought this might be a random act of boyness, but then our neighbor gave me this suggestion for a blog post: Fishing toys out of the toilet after one of her sons went #2. "Really?" I asked. Really.

It seems her two boys like to bring toys while they're otherwise indisposed on the toilet. And on more than one occasion, the toys have landed in the toilet pre-flush.

I know you're wondering ... um, how does she retrieve the toys? Plastic utensils.

And what does she do with the toys?

I didn't ask.

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