Saturday, December 24, 2011

The snow dance

As I type, the boys are downstairs fighting - literally hitting, chasing and slamming doors - about who has the right snow dance.

It started when Josh decided he wants snow for Christmas. Matthew said, "Okay, I'll do the snow dance." Then he ran off to the bathroom to turn his pajamas inside out (which is apparently necessary for kindergarten-level snow dances).

Josh decided to improvise his own snow dance, which went like this, all of it screamed while shaking his body in some sort of contortion, with his butt sticking out and his hands flailing:

"Snow, we want you to come today!
Snow, we want you to come today!
Snow, we want you to come today!
Snow, we want you to come today,
So we can go sledding!
Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow!!!!"

When he was done, he sat down on the couch and we both looked out the window. After 10 seconds of silence and no snowflakes, we heard Colin crying upstairs in the crib.

"Well, Josh," I said. "I don't see any snow, but I do hear Colin."

"Maybe I wasn't lough enough," he replied.


  1. Oh this made me laugh of of my bad mood! lol! Having three teenagers, I really miss this age!

  2. It's non-stop fun here at the Pickering house. I'm sure teens make you laugh now and again.