Friday, December 23, 2011

Random kid comment of the day (Dec. 23)

Scene: It is 5:52 a.m. in a dark bedroom; hushed silence hangs over the room. A 5-year-old's soft footsteps pad into the room. Dad opens one eye to discover 5-year-old face 6 inches away.

Matthew: "Scared."
Dad: "No, you're not."
Matthew: [Smiling] "Yes, I am."

Matthew climbs into bed, over Dad, digs feet under blankets, dragging his own blanket, fusses, fidgets, kicks, wiggles, elbows, shifts, rolls, kicks, squirms, adjusts, settles in.

Matthew: [Rolling over, whispering in Dad's ear] "Daddy, tomorrow morning, on Saturday, I want a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast."
Dad: "We don't have any bacon."
Matthew: "Buy it."


  1. Very sweet! I love sweet snuggles with little angels. Always snugglue...while you still can!

  2. Better yet, just whip it out of the pantry!